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Koen is the owner of Koenraad Meubelmakerij and is responsible for restoring our counter to it's present day glory

Resurrecting History: The Tale Behind Our Beloved Wooden Counter

You could never guess the story behind the wooden counter, nestled in the heart of our cozy book cafe. Originally hailing from a bygone era, this majestic counter once graced the humble confines of an old-fashioned cigar shop, where tobacco and lottery tickets were exchanged for tales and dreams. But as the winds of change swept through the streets, the shop closed its doors, leaving behind relics of a fading era.

You see an old fashioned Dutch cigar shop in 1982, a photo from the collection of Stadsarchief Amsterdam, Photographer: Ino Roël
An old fashioned cigar shop in the city centre of Amsterdam, courtesy of Stadsarchief Amsterdam (photo by Ino Roël). 

Enter Koen, a spirited young carpenter with an eye for beauty hidden within the dust of neglect. Scouring the depths of Marktplaats, he stumbled upon this forgotten gem, buried beneath layers of disuse and disrepair. With passion and dedication, he embarked on a journey of restoration, breathing new life into weathered wood and worn drawers.

Hours turned into days, and days into weeks, as Koen meticulously crafted a new chapter for this storied counter. Drawers were replaced, a marble inlay adorned its surface, and the base was adjusted to meet the needs of modern times. With each stroke of his chisel, he honored the past while embracing the future, transforming a relic into a masterpiece.

And so it was that fate intervened, guiding this reclaimed treasure into the hands of our book cafe, where it now stands as the beating heart of our establishment. Behind its polished facade lies a tale of resilience and renewal, a reminder that even the forgotten can find new purpose in the hands of those who dare to dream.

As customers gather around its welcoming embrace, they may never know the full extent of its journey. But in the quiet whispers of its aged wood, they'll sense the echoes of a bygone era, mingling with the vibrant energy of our bustling cafe. For in every crack and crevice lies a story waiting to be told, a testament to the timeless allure of history reclaimed.


Our beloved counter, in the workshop of Koen, the carpenter, before we moved it to FRIDA. 

This is Koen, the wonderful carpenter from Koenraad Meubelmakerij, an independent carpenter workshop in Beusichem, The Netherlands. See also:


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